Feel Relaxed with a Candle that Smells Like the Ocean

August 06, 13 by admin
Have you been feeling stressed out lately? If so, it's time to take a break. Unfortunately, stress can be very damaging to the body. Not only does stress break down your immune system, but it also leaves you feeling anxious and not like your self.

One way to improve your mood is by lighting a candle. Here are some ways you can feel relaxed with a candle that smells like the ocean:

Dim the lights: head to a room that's quiet, and dim the lights.Didn't catch that? This explains it. Dim lights help you relax and allow your body to shut down.

Get comfortable: find a place in your home that allows you to feel comforted. Whether you're in the basement or laying in your bathtub, get comfortable.

Play soft music: get your CD player or iPod and play some soft music in the background. To make your environment even more relaxing, play some beach music to match your ocean candle.

Light your candle: lastly, light your candle. Ocean scented and lavender scented candles are known for relaxing a person tremendously. Take time to inhale slowly and relax.

As you can see, candles can affect your mood greatly. Spend some time relaxing, and take care of yourself as much as possible during the hard time.

Passionflower Has A Sedative Effect that Can Help You Sleep

June 18, 13 by admin
During a time when pharmaceutical drug addiction is at its highest, it is no surprise that consumers are seeking out more natural alternatives to treat their ailments. Some of the most addictive pharmaceutical drugs are those that treat potentially debilitating mood disorders, such as anxiety and insomnia. Fortunately, there are several herbal remedies that can effectively treat these disorders without the risk of dependency. Herbalists often list passionflower as one of the most powerful natural sedatives and sleep aids.

Consumers of passionflower-based herbal remedies frequently report feeling calmer and more relaxed. They may experience a mild drop in blood pressure and a substantial decrease in muscle tension. These sedative-like properties are what make passion flower useful as a sleep aid. In fact, is such a powerful natural sedative that it can be used to treat milder forms of epilepsy, heart palpitations, and nerve disorders.

While passionflower supplements are available in pill form, it is more commonly drank as a tea prepared from passionflower extract. Herbalists often prescribe a regime consisting of 3 or 4 cups of passionflower tea per day. Side effects are rare, but some users reported mental fogginess and fatigue, particularly from higher dosages. It is generally recommended to start with a lower dosage.

Are Environmental Toxins Elevating Your Stress Levels?

April 30, 13 by admin
If something has been made clear over the years, it's that humanity cannot live independently of a healthy world. Both systems are intricately connected to each other. We need a healthy environment to survive. The environment needs humanity to undo the damage it's already delivered. The world can't simply heal itself spontaneously. But their mutual need isn't only found in the form of basic survival. We need a clean environment for a number of different things including our health. http://www.texasenergycompanies.net/just-energy-texas/ can help those in the Texas area search for ways to embrace a green, clean environment. Such services are becoming all the more necessary. If we are regularly surrounded by toxins, it brings about suffering.

Negative Effects of an Unclean Environment

Unclean environments are those that are rampant with toxins. They are pollutants to the body and soul. There are a number of issues associated with an unclean environment. Toxicity in the air leads to a prevalence of asthma and breathing conditions. If it's present in the food you eat or the water you drink, you could very well be susceptible to cancers and other serious medical issues. Even physical contact with toxic items can trigger immune reactions and a sense of dread. Yet, in terms of your overall health (emotional and physical), few things are as detrimentally affected as your stress levels. An unhealthy environment can leave those extremely elevated.

How Can an Unclean Environment make me more stressed?

There are two ways that pollutants and a bad environment can make people feel stress. In order for us to understand why, we must first understand what stress is.
Stress is essentially a complication forced upon the body and mind. When you undergo something, regardless of context, you're putting your body through stress. Stress can be a good thing depending on the context, but stress from the environment is ubiquitously unwanted.

Physical stress can arise from the complications mentioned above and the many more that are too exhaustive to enumerate. When the body is taxed due to a disease, it becomes stressed. The organs of the body are forced to work harder. Sometimes they work themselves into failure. High blood pressure is a common form of such stress and can be deadly.

Emotional stress is just as important and can be caused by the sheer knowing that the toxins around you are hurting you. Realizing that you live in such a place that you endanger your own health can make you emotionally drained. Living in cleanliness will promote both physical and mental rejuvenation and health.

Tired and Wore Out Sit Down With a Cup of Skullcap.

April 04, 13 by admin
In today's world of stress and anxiety, many of us are exhausted and worn out just from daily living. Sometimes we don't even know how stressed we are. In addition to exhaustion, stress causes anxiety, nervousness and pain. When we are tired, we easily become overwhelmed which causes anxiety and nervousness. Much of the pain we experience is from muscles and muscles are painful when they're tense.

Relaxation is the key to all of this and American skullcap is a pleasant and easy way to relax. Not to be confused with the Chinese variety, American skullcap has been used for centuries to treat anxiety and pain and to calm worried minds.

Making skullcap tea is simply a matter of putting a teaspoon of skullcap in a cup and adding boiling water. Cover and let it steep three to five minutes, then strain and sweeten if you like it that way.

Do not take skullcap if you're taking antidepressants or other medications that are for relaxing, including muscle relaxants. Also, do not take skullcap if you're pregnant or nursing.

Stressed Out Try Drinking a Cup of Fresh Oat

November 20, 12 by admin
Thousands of people the world over have to deal with stress in its many forms throughout the day. Many of these people fail to understand that there are plenty of fantastic ways to seek relief after a tough day. Some people choose to take a warm bath to wash away the muscle tension and headache caused by a stressful morning at the office. Other people go out for a few drinks with friends. Still, there is only one way to make sure that the stress comes off and stays off for the long haul.You can find a quick rundown here It is quickly becoming the preferred method of stress relief among consumers everywhere.

If you are stressed out, try drinking a cup of fresh oatmeal. There are many ways that this comfort food can be prepared, and each of those ways works wonders to help people feel calm and relaxed. The most popular way to utilize this wonderful comfort food is to make a delicious oatmeal drink. These drinks are extremely popular in Mexico because of the calming effect attained from sipping them. Try a fresh oatmeal drink today to see what you have been missing for so long. It is sure to make your day go by faster than you could have ever imagined.

Having a Panic Attack Reach for the Lemon Balm

November 16, 12 by admin
Those who are prone to panic attacks often limit their everyday routines to areas, activities and even people who are not likely to trigger an anxiety episode. This can be frustrating for both the panic attack sufferer and his or her family and friends. Many modern medications simply do not work as claimed, and some of them even make everyday life more difficult for those with anxiety disorders. Natural remedies, however, can provide relief for those who have regular panic attacks. Lemon balm is one nature's best healers and is easily obtained or even grown in the home garden and can also be grown as an indoor potted herb. Lemon balm is in the mint family and is easy to cultivate.

Ancient Greeks used lemon balm to soothe stress, and modern scientific studies have shown that lemon balm is as effective as many contemporary prescription anti-anxiety medications. Some preliminary studies show that lemon balm may be instrumental in warding off Alzheimer's disease and other age-related cognitive disorders. Those who suffer from sleep disturbances have also found relief in taking lemon balm orally. Lemon balm can also be made into a flavorful tea and used in a variety of ways in meal preparation.

Chamomile, a Favorite Herb of the Egyptians.

November 14, 12 by admin
Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians discovered an herb that helped with colds and fevers, and used its flowers as both medicine and incense for centuries. It was even used in poultices, where it speeded wound healing. The plant was named "chamomile" for its scent, which resembles that of crushed apples. Both Roman and German varieties of chamomile can be used to make teas and essential oils.

There are many benefits to this wonderful herb. It's full of antioxidants that help the body rest and recover from exercise or stress. It helps indigestion, soothing acid reflux and irritable bowels. It reduces muscle cramps and menstrual pain. Chamomile can even slow the complications of diabetes and hyperglycemia.

Chamomile is most often used as a sleep aid. Its aroma in teas, oils or candles creates a relaxed, restful atmosphere like nothing else can. After a long, hard day, its healing scent promotes serenity and recovery. Chamomile teas are easy to find in stores, but they're also easy to make from your own garden supply!

Think of all the times your grandmother told you to drink a cup of chamomile tea instead of coffee when you were stressed out. Aren't you glad you took her advice?

Fennel Seed Tea as a Weight Loss Remedy

November 13, 12 by admin
If you have been struggling to lose weight, then you should definitely consider trying fennel seed tea. Fennel seed tea helps promote weight loss by boosting metabolism. It also acts as a diuretic, which helps reduce the amount of water that your body retains. Fennel seed tea can help suppress appetite also. Not only can fennel seed tea promote weight loss, but it can also help improve overall health. It is filled with vitamin C, the B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Fennel seed tea can be found at just about any natural food store. It is also very simple for you to make fennel seed tea at home. You will need to place about 4 tsp. of fennel seeds in two pints of water. The water should be boiled. After that, you should reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for about five minutes. You should wait five minutes after you turn the stove off before you drink the tea. You have the option of drinking the tea hot or adding ice cubes.

Even though fennel seed tea can help you lose weight, you still want to make sure that you are eating healthy and exercising. This will help you get the best results.

Don’t Go To The Drugstore, Go To Your Garden

November 11, 12 by admin
A home garden can provide plants to assist in relaxation. Lavender is a flowering plant with a strong fragrance. The fragrance of lavender creates a soothing aroma. The lavender plant is often used to create essential oils, soaps and perfumes. The oils can be used during a gentle relaxing body massage. Homemade soaps created with lavender oil can be used during a hot bath. Home gardeners can use the oils from lavender to make scented candles that offer a relaxing scent. The leaves and flowers of this plant can be steeped to create herbal tea. Lavender tea relieves anxiety, stabilizes mood and eliminates insomnia.

The home garden offers other relaxing plants. The chamomile plant has a light fruity fragrance. Its oils are often used in warm baths to calm babies and children. The essential oils of chamomile can be used to create scented homemade candles. The petals of the chamomile plant can be enclosed in small sachets. The sachets can be placed under bed pillows to offer a calming scent. Calendula can be used to create skin soothing homemade soaps. The oil from the calendula flower relieves dry itchy skin. Calendula balm is often used on children's skin rashes.